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Business English (TOEIC)
TOEIC or Business English courses are designed for people engaged in business sectors. If students having a limited amount of time available are interested in TOEIC or Business English, they are asked to complete needs analysis before starting the course. For students who work in a specific industry, we can offer specialist courses. These courses can be combined with General English and/or Business English as well as being taken by themselves. 

Shaking Hands


​전화 응대, 이메일, 프리젠테이션, 컨퍼런스 등 비즈니스 상황에서 자주 사용되는 내용을 중심으로 구성 되었습니다.


전화, 미팅, 출장, 채용 등 상황에 맞는 전문적인 어휘와 다양한 표현 익히기


정치, 경제, 사회, 문화 등의 관련 토론


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